I named my blog this because …

Today’s topic: Explain the name of your blog and why you chose it.

I chose “azgsgirl” because it describes the place I live, me,  and one of my motorcycles.

It’s kind of a long story, as they say. It started back when I used to ride Ducati motorcycles. I was “azducgirl” then, meaning that I live in Arizona and I rode a “Duc,” or Ducati. It morphed into “azgsgirl” when I changed to riding BMW motocycles. I had always wanted to ride a BMW, and when I finally found one that was small enough for me to ride, it was a BMW F650GS. “GS” stands for the German words for dirt and street, Gelände-Strasse, or more properly, Gelände-Straße. The bike carries that designation because it is a dual sport bike, meaning it can be ridden in the dirt or on the street. So, I changed my nickname to “azgsgirl.”

This is my 252nd post, and I have been blogging here for almost a year!


2 thoughts on “I named my blog this because …

  1. My blog is A Legend In My Own Mind, for obvious reasons.

    I did not know you started with azducgirl, nor that your first bike was a Ducati. I only ever owned Hondas. My 125 was a street/dirt bike, my 750 was street only. I sold them before I joined the blogging world. I started my blog after being laid off for the first time ever. Now, I use it for daily family communications and sharing my comic strip.

    • Yes, I used to ride Ducatis, but I wanted a more reliable motorcycle that I could ride the big miles I wanted to. I had my “fun” with Ducs, including the big track wreck, but I have really enjoyed my BMWs.

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