Ducks on the lawn

This morning when I looked outside, I saw ducks on the front, and back, lawn! They flew in and landed on the water from the flood irrigation. They joined the menagerie, at least for a short time.

As I backed my car out to go to work, they started to cross the driveway. I was kind of in a hurry, so please excuse the poor composition of the photos! I got out of the car quickly and shot a few quick snapshots.

They decided to get back in near my rose bushes:

Away they go! The chickens were unfazed. Behind me as I shot these photos, they were contentedly pecking the ground, eating some chicken feed. The ducks, on the other hand, glided back into the water.

They were soon sticking their heads under the water in search of more bugs to eat!


One thought on “Ducks on the lawn

  1. I debated going with the M R Ducks joke, but changed my mind. Instead, I will just say that they probably just ducked in to visit a few friends on their way out of town.

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