Dream makers

Today’s post topic: Who was the first person who believed in you? How did you discover this was true? Have you played a similiar role for anyone in your life?

I don’t recall anyone “believing in” me, I just remember being told a million reasons not to do something instead of getting encouragement. It’s a wonder I did anything at all. I am glad I am smart so I could think beyond the discouragement, but that realization did not come early enough for me.

I really try with my school kids to encourage them if they become interested in something. Who knows what it might lead to? They could become the inventor of the next great thing, or become an influential leader, or become an important artist. One of my former students just graduated from a classical academy high school, and is going to college in two weeks. I wish her the best, and I know she will make the effort to be the best she can be. She tells me that I “am a part of that dream.” I tell her it is all her, the desire to learn and achieve comes from within. I like to think that I helped facilitate that in some small way.

Dreams should be fed, not crushed.


One thought on “Dream makers

  1. I 100% agree with your contention that teacher’s can and should help student’s achieve their dreams. I 100% disagree that the success of former students is all them, though. You are a part of their dream in the way you treat them, and encourage them, and even guide them. Thanks to you (and of course, all my teachers from my schooldays) for teaching us more than just a curriculum. You taught us about the importance of hard work. You taught us about values that matter. You taught us even by how you react to us and our questions. Keep it up and don’t let any minor disappointments you feel in a day take away from the satisfaction you should feel about the true values you share and teach.

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