Back to day rides

Good burgers in Heber!

Back to the “once a week ride” schedule. It’s not enough, I can tell you that right now. Today’s destination was the Mogollon Rim to visit one of the lakes and hang out, just sit and talk, and most importantly, be cool. After we sat there for a while, I felt calmer and more ready to deal with the horrible week coming up.

After that, we went to lunch up the road in Heber at our favorite place, the Red Onion. Mushroom burgers awaited, something I don’t eat that often, but enjoy whenever I do.

I tested my new/old Shoei helmet on a long ride today, and it worked great. I retired my Caberg flip-face helmet (finally) after realizing last weekend that it was worn out. The one I am wearing now is my red Shoei X-Eleven that I got in 2005 but only wore for about two years. It is my “interim” helmet until I decide if I want the Shoei Multitec (flip-face), or the RL-1100 (full face). I was happy with the X-Eleven today because it was so quiet. It fits me properly. It did not squeeze my head with my earplugs in, either, because Al S. modified the liner for me as he did with the Caberg. So, I rode in peace and quiet today with no buffeting, even though the wind was strong. The quiet made the ride so much better. So, now I am torn. I want the convenience of the flip-face, but the quietness of the regular full face helmet. I need to decide before the next road trip in early September.

I had a pleasant ride home on the Beeline Hwy., then hurried up as I neared home because storm clouds were advancing from the south. It looked like another potential dust storm, but it dissipated before it could form. So, we got a beautiful sunset out of it instead of a dirty, windy storm.

I am hoping this week will go by fast. I am already thinking about where I will ride next Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Back to day rides

  1. We were down in South Chandler yesterday and there was a sand storm there. It still led to a nice sunset, though. I vote you should get a full-face helmet for added protection and extra quietness. However, I don’t have to wear one, so what do I know. Maybe get the one that matches Pearl?

    • Hi Randy,

      The helmets all “match Pearl” if they are white, which is the color I want to get. Of course, it keeps with her (and the BMW) blue and white motif. The only thing is I will miss flipping that face bar open while at the gas pump or when trying to talk to someone. We’ll see. I haven’t made my final decision yet! 🙂

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