A magic thunderstorm

A sheer of rain to the north and the rays of the setting sun give this cloud a blush of pink

Last night was a rare night of heaven on earth: it rained in Phoenix!

During the day, I remarked to my husband that the clouds were building up early, and despite a weather forecast of “drying out,” I was sure it would rain. The clouds were already in motion, building to the north and east, setting up for an evening of rain. Or so I hoped.

Later, as I drove to my violin lesson, I saw dark clouds building. While driving home, I wondered if I would get rained on. The clouds had become darker and thicker, and I even saw lightning from one of them. Close to home, a few big drops of rain fell, and to the north over the McDowell Mountains, it looked like it was already raining.

As the evening progressed, the wind picked up, sliding through the wind chimes and making them sound like falling water. Soon, I heard thunder. Not long after that came the staccato sound of hard rain, and then it softened into a steady pleasant stream. I made myself a cup of coffee and went to sit outside on the covered patio.

What an absolute joy it was to sit there and listen to the softly falling rain and watch the lightning trace patterns across the sky. The lightning forked and ran, and even looped. Thunder rolled continuously, crescendoing and decrescendoing, but it was never sharp and loud. I sat there blissfully for about a half an hour, enjoying phenomena that almost never come together to create a spectacular show over the Phoenix area. It was an island of peace before the grinding onslaught of this work year.


2 thoughts on “A magic thunderstorm

  1. Awww. A blush of pink, a violin lesson, the sound of wind chimes, staccato of rain, rolling thunder. What a calming post.

    WAIT A MINUTE!!! Did you say you had a cup of coffee in the evening?!?!? I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all. You young people pushing the limits. What am I going to do with you?

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