Reality shows

Today’s post:

Why are reality TV shows so popular? It seems everyone hates them in general, but has one show they just can’t stop watching. Which one is yours? If you don’t watch any, which of the ones you’ve heard about do you think you’d be most likely to watch? What’s your theory about why this form dominates so much of modern TV?

I don’t watch them, I think they are stupid. Life is hard enough without watching other people with problems. Maybe other people watch them because they want to watch people with bigger problems than theirs, I don’t know. I do not understand the success of so-called reality shows. I also think they promote meanness because you know the producers of the shows want drama and encourage conflict and negative interaction. Kids watch that and they think that is the proper way to act, that “in your face” stuff, and it’s not.

On a more positive note, I will be on the road again starting tomorrow, so at least there will be somewhat interesting posts this coming week! It’s the last road trip for the summer riding season. Where did the time go?


2 thoughts on “Reality shows

  1. What about a On the Go with Jo reality show? You could take snaps of things that interest you, capture a few movies of you riding and commenting about the trip, and some smart verbiage about things that interest you? Sound good? You might find a following. You could possible turn it into a blog. Hopefully, we wouldn’t tune in just to see if your problems were bigger than ours.

    • You know, I have had that same thought many times about the “On the Go with Jo Show.” I wish I could get in touch with someone who would help me do that show, it would be a success, I know it. 🙂 It would be at least as interesting as “Ice Road Truckers,” a favorite of mine, BTW.

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