Today’s post topic: People are too dependent on technology: agree or disagree? Explain.

Dependent? I don’t know if that is the word I would use. Maybe “reliant” would be the word. I would agree with that.

I know when I am on the road I am always happy to have my laptop with me so I can at least write if not post.

I also rely on my cell phone to “phone home” each night when I am on the road, and if I had one, I would love a Kindle. Think of all the books I could have right there in my hands all at one time!

I rely on my cameras, video and still, to record my trips so I can enjoy the memories later. And, I rely on my iPod to “practice” my violin on the road. I can’t very well strap the violin to my motorcycle, so the next best thing is to take the printed music and a recording of someone else playing it. I follow along by looking at the music as I listen on the iPod and that does help, although it is not as good as practicing the actual instrument (of course). When I get home, I have to practice twice as hard to make up for lost time.

I love technology, and wouldn’t be without it. However, if I have to temporarily do without, there is no substitute for a good book and a headlight to read by!


One thought on “Technology?

  1. I was talking to my father this weekend about digital cameras. In the old days, when we would go on vacation, we would take 1-2 rolls of 36 pictures. Now, we snap maybe 100 shots per day and select the best. We also get immediate feedback on the quality or content of a photo. Anyway, I agree that, for me, dependent is is not necessarily the word. Reliant works for me, too. Still, there are some parts of technology, such as the camera, that I really like.

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