First album

What was the first CD (or record or cassette) you ever purchased? Write about the way that particular album made you feel then. Write about how it makes you feel now.

I was about 14, and I bought the record, No Secrets, by Carly Simon. I loved the song “You’re So Vain,” and buying the record made me feel like a teenager, like I was “growing up” at last. There were so many things going on at that time of my life. It was that awkward stage of young teen trying to find out where she fit into the world.

How does it make me feel now? Like I wouldn’t ever want to go back there to that time, or only if I could change it. What I would really like to do is go back to 1980 and change things from that point, but that won’t happen either.

I think I still have that album tucked away somewhere in the archives.


2 thoughts on “First album

  1. Oh sure. I remember that song. Did you hear that she recently revealed who the title referred to? No, I don’t remember who it was. Some record exec, I think.

    I think my first was probably a Beatles 45. I do remember that my first concert was The Association over at SMU in Dallas. I went with two buddies from church, Rick and Al.

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