A fun fair day

This morning, after a wonderful breakfast with good company, Hal and I hit the road on the motorbikes about noon. After a playful ride through the turns on 89 south of Prescott near the White Spar area, we ended up in Prescott. An unplanned bonus was the crafts fair that was going on in the square! The minute I saw the booth with tie-dye clothes, I had to stop. I love tie-dye.

Walking through the fair

So, we parked and started to walk. The first thing we did was buy a giant cup of lemonade for each of us. As we left town, it was 110° F, and it didn’t cool down until we got past Wickenburg, and then only to around 100°. We had to ride almost all the way to Prescott for it to sink into the 90s. While we sat and drank our lemonade at the courthouse square, a sign on the top of a building said 95°.

As we were sitting there, we noticed this:

I don’t know if it’s been there all along, but maybe because we usually see Prescott late in the day I have never noticed it before.

Statehood! February 14, 1912 (Arizona)

I love the compass rose at the north end:

Compass rose

There was some drama:

Sulking never works (I've tried)

This little girl wanted her mom to buy her these blue wings. (“Mom I need these wings!”) Mom was unmoved. The booth was a little girl’s dream come true, so I could totally understand. It had fairy wings, enchanted dresses, tiaras, wands, you name it. This dress would have made my dreams come true when I was young:

A dress for a princess

There were so many things to be interested in:



Hula-hooping for everyone

Mining for riches

and of course the cute dogs at the top of this post. And all this taking place under the benign scrutiny of the serene countenance of the courthouse.

Courthouse, in summer

We hung out in Prescott for a while, cooling down.

My obligatory courthouse steps photograph

Then, inevitably, we had to gear up and get back on the bikes, and head home. As we rode toward I-17, the temperature rose again, and as we descended toward Phoenix, we stopped once at Sunset Point to wet our clothes and cool down. All the way in, the temperature hovered between 108°-110°F.

And you wonder why I ride out of here every weekend?


2 thoughts on “A fun fair day

  1. I will resist every effort to comment on you wetting your pants during the drive back to the Valley (since you did say you wet your clothes). Anyway, we always walk around those types of events, too. There have been some at that park in downtown Cortez that we have been to, as well as several there in Prescott. We rarely (never?) buy anything, though.

    The photo of the hard-working dogs is my favorite from this post. That sulking little girl is pretty funny, though. That behavior never influenced me, though. Well, never in a positive way.

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