A shoe extravaganza

What are those??

What are those? The overflow from Lady Gaga’s closet? Hmmm. No-o-o-o-o-o-o … they are shoes and boots on sale at a local retailer. Anyone can look outrageous these days, it seems.

As for me, I own wayyyyyyy too many shoes, and it’s not because I have a shoe fetish. It’s because my husband keeps buying them for me (I do not shop, I hate it).

What do you think are my favorite kind of shoes …

Outrageous high heels? (not a chance)

Boots? (a close second, but only if they are low-heeled)

Dress shoes? (Ugh! NO! That would require a dress to wear with them, and that will not happen!)

Athletic shoes? (DING DING DING!! You are correct!)

Do you think I have enough?

(Those aren’t even all of them. I didn’t feel like dragging out every single pair that I own. That would have taken all night.)

I just can’t help it, I love to work out. Lately, I’ve been enjoying “zumba-type” classes, and these little Reeboks have worked surprisingly well:

I love this black and bright green color combo

I got a few pairs of those, since they were on sale. I mean, big-time sale. I like how the big round pad under the ball of my foot allows me to pivot oh-so-easily. I love Asics shoes, too, but they are hardly ever on sale and I have to save up for them. I would dearly love some blue and white ones.

Soon I will have to go back to work (seems like prison to me). Maybe these will cheer me up:

Power shoes

That is, unless I fall off them. High heels and me do not get along, usually.  Where’s the “power” in that, right?

These will make me feel great, though, I know it:

Ohhhhh, comfortable! And good looking!

So, I guess the point of this story is that I will leave the outrageous look to other people better equipped to deal with sky-high heels, and go on my merry way in my comfortable little un-daring footwear. My back will thank me, and so will my happy feet.


2 thoughts on “A shoe extravaganza

  1. They (whoever they are) say you should wear different shoes each day to give the previous pair time to let them air out and they will not degrade as quickly. It looks like you can easily do that with your athletic shoes (what makes them athletic? It looks like they are all just sitting there?). I need good arch support, so I don’t have any high heels or boots, either. I wear black or brown dress shoes to work (with added arch support), and Reebok athletic shoes away from work. Undaring? Yes. Comfortable? Definitely.

    • Okay, “sports” shoes then. But, you know what I mean, shoes that are normally thought of as being worn while you do a sport or workout. They are my favorites, and I wear them to work as well. If anyone cares, too bad. I agree, comfort is the main priority.

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