It looks like a duck, swims like a duck, must be …

a dove???

Yes, the little dove  must have been drinking out of the pool by balancing on the pool cleaner hose, fell off the hose, and found himself in the water! He was sitting on top of the water, trying to paddle with his feet, looking much like a small duck. I looked outside from the kitchen window, squinted, and thought, is that a duck??  After looking more closely, I saw it was a dove! No wonder my dog, Louie, was so interested.

Help! Get me outta here!

So, I took a photograph, just as he flapped his wings and tried to fly, then I quickly put the camera down so I could scoop him out of the water. I carried him to the front yard where the doves usually line up with the chickens to eat the “scratch grains” that I throw. I put the dove down so he could dry off. He still looked a little traumatized!

Still a little traumatized, but on dry land

He dried out, and went on his way. 🙂


One thought on “It looks like a duck, swims like a duck, must be …

  1. Oh, I see how it is. Some kind of a hawks and doves metaphor in the making. Afraid to get their feet wet or someone might have to rescue them. Doves are trying to ‘hose’ things up in the economy.

    Wait, what? This is not an example. Just a demonstration of helping someone in need. Sorry. Never mind.

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