Riding 191 post- Wallow fire

Here is my video of our journey through the Wallow fire area on highway 191.


4 thoughts on “Riding 191 post- Wallow fire

  1. So, Jo, it looks like either: a) you did not travel through the really bad sections since I almost always saw some vegetation, or b) it was hit-or-miss where it burned and did not burn everything, or c) I missed it because you kept your focus on the road and not out into the woods where we would see blackness and burnt trees. Still, fun ride.

    • It was mostly option “b.” Some areas were really bad, but in most places you could still see green, although that is deceptive because there were many acres that were burned severely. I have an idea that the road doesn’t go through the many many places that are absolutely torched, like the tops of ridges. You can’t see that in the video, but the fire climbed in many areas, roared up hillsides seeking oxygen, and left the tops of mountains reduced to ash. As I said, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but still, it’s bad enough.

  2. I hear you. I was not implying the fire was not devasting to so much land and so many people. I was only commenting that, in contrast to the title of today’s post, I did not see the really bad stuff while traveling 50mph with you in the video. BTW, it is still pretty cool that you can mount the camera on your helmet to let us take the rides with you.

    • Actually, my brother-in-law was kind enough to make me a mount for the GoPro camera that fits on the front of the bike, so it is off my head. 🙂 There are enough rubber washers and spacers that it seems to eliminate the vibration. I am thrilled that he fabricated that new mount for me because I think it has lead to some of the best video from that camera. I am looking at the HD model (finally) because I think that will “take it to the next level,” as they say.

      I am glad you enjoy the video. I love shooting it, and I love taking the photographs as well. Thanks for always checking my blog and being a faithful reader/commentator!

      – Jo

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