Last line of a novel

Today’s writing prompt:

“Write the last line to an unwritten novel that’s so intriguing that others won’t help but want to read the book.” Here it is:

After all the pain and problems that she had to overcome to find the truth, it was worth the heartbreak and the uncertainty; the rest of her life was before her and the door was open, she only had to walk through it.

So, do you want to read it?


2 thoughts on “Last line of a novel

  1. I don’t think I want to read the book. Words like pain, problems, heartbreak, uncertainty make me think I’d have to invest too much emotionally to enjoy such a book. Now, if you had said, “Although only $723 of the $1,000,000 Vegas winnings remained, she would not trade the last 46 hours for anything,” then maybe I might be curious.

    • You know, I like yours better, Randy!

      But, some people really like those novels that have a main character with lots of problems and things he or she has to deal with. You never know, it “could” be a great novel! 😉

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