Socks in summer

Circle game

“Why doesn’t that woman just wear flip-flops in summer, or sandals?” complained Barney.

“Oh, I don’t know,” answered Fred, “I think I heard her say something about not wanting to get her feet dirty.”

“Oh, great, so then we can get dirty and sweaty instead,” continued Barney, getting into a rant.

“*sigh* That’s just how it is, Barn,” said Fred. He was always the peacemaker, the one who calmed everyone’s nerves.

“I like flip-flops,” said Barbie, “they make our job so much easier!”

“I know,” said Ken, “but just think if she wore flip-flops or sandals all the time. We’d be out of a job!”

“Good point,” said Barbie, “but I agree with Barney. You know how I hate being sweaty.”

“Yes, dear,” said Ken, sighing. He’d heard that statement a few times before.

“Summer’s pretty dreadful,” added Cher.

“Yeah, for sure,” rasped Sonny.

“What are you complaining about?” said Tristan, “you hardly have to work in the summer.”

“… being a heavy sock and all,” sniffed Isolde.

“Hey, you watch it!” said Sonny loudly. Everyone got silent.

“Well, it is true,” said Isolde after a pause, miffed. “I just meant that you are lucky because you have most of the summer off.”

“Much like a teacher,” said Mr. Kotter, ironically.

“It’s all very well to complain, but at least if you are here in the drawer, you have someone to talk to,” said Yoko. She had lost her partner in a tragic event a long time ago. She was no stranger to loneliness, nor was Mr. Kotter. All the other socks kept trying to set them up to get them together, but it was no use. There was a basic compatibility problem, and they were just too different.

“At least we get to go places once in a while in the summer,” said Lewis, with Clark nodding. “Our trip last month was fun!”

“I would have to agree,” said Clark, “even though I was filled with trepidation at first.”

The bantering went back and forth for some time, the socks comfortable and cool in the air-conditioned house, even if some of them were down in the hamper.

It was the one thing they could all agree on, summer for socks is easy and fun. With the occasional job thrown in for diversion, it didn’t get any better than this!

These flip-flops are cute, but I hate getting my feet dirty!


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