Like riding into a hairdryer

A cool oasis at Christopher Creek

Today my riding partner, Hal, and I rode our motorcycles north to Christopher Creek to escape from the outrageous heat (every day last week was over 110°) in the valley. We went to breakfast at Creekside restaurant, then rode to Christopher Creek campground, where we hiked and took hundreds of photographs.

Christopher Creek

It was nice to escape into the cool greenery, listen to the soothing sound of the water playing over the rocks, and look at the interesting rock formations. There were also rocks covered in lichen, and moss, as well as evidence of volcanic activity and upheavals. I found spider webs to photograph, insects, and even a squirrel.

This little guy kept running just ahead of me, posing!

It was a relaxing place for everyone, and we hiked about a mile away from the campground to get away from everyone else. It was worth the trek. On the way back, we watched families enjoying the swimming hole!

Gone swimmin'!

On the way home, it was a reasonable temperature, at first. The wind was blowing (again) making the aspens shimmer in the sunlight. If you could put a sound to them, it would be the clear, tinkling sound of tiny, tube-shaped wind chimes.

As we got close to home, the heat was intense. It was like riding into a hair dryer. No wonder we want to escape from the valley every weekend in the summer!


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