Resolving anger

When you get mad, what calms you down? Why?

When I am particularly “mad,” as in angry, I used to go to the gym and hit the punching bags, at least until I realized that my hands were really taking a beating even wrapped and inside the boxing gloves, and I couldn’t afford to break any bones in my hands (violinist).

But when I am upset about something, angry, disgusted, disappointed, whatever, I go riding. I always take my road bike and go run some twisty roads. I suppose it helps because riding takes my full concentration and it makes me forget about whatever it is that’s bothering me.

Pearly-girl rides again


One thought on “Resolving anger

  1. I hear you. I used to slam my face into a punching bag when I got upset. Then, I realized that, being a singer, I was recklessly endangering my favorite pastime and instead, started eating malted milk balls. I especially love those sold at Disneyland. OK, maybe the above was a fabrication I made up to try and be funny. I suppose I withdraw and read a book or something. Maybe I should intead get a motorcycle and run some twisty roads?

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