Fire dreams

Last night I dreamed of fire.

The Wallow fire continues to haunt my every waking moment, so why not while I sleep as well? I dreamed the fire turned liquid, turned to molten fire, and it was here where I live. It flowed under the house and it erupted in different areas, through the floor, in the ceiling. It hissed and popped, glowering and spitting, and outside I could hear the roar of the main fire drawing closer.

I grabbed things as I ran through the house, having to flee. I gathered my violin, an old photo album, a favorite pair of jeans, my Under Armour shirts, and favorite shirts that I’d purchased while on the road. My piano  – I averted my eyes. I had to leave it, there just wasn’t any way to save it. I caressed it one last time, wondering if I could somehow pull the soundboard out and have the body rebuilt later.

I grabbed different bags, packed everything hastily onto the back of the blue motorbike. I should take the other one, I thought, it will be harder to replace. But in the end it was Pearl that I took, loaded down. The neighborhood was in ruins, streaked with orange and black, as I left it behind. I choked and coughed on the acrid smoke, ash was flying through the air like snow. I saw it all disappear in flames in my rearview mirror, a wall of fire that took everything.

I woke up, sweating, the wind kicking up outside, and I thought of it pushing the Wallow fire to consume even more acres of irreplaceable forest. Every time I think of it, it cuts like a knife. I will obsess on it until it is over, and I know it will be on my mind for a very long time.


2 thoughts on “Fire dreams

  1. So maybe you need wet dreams to cool the fires. No, wait. that sounds really wrong. Anyway, it seems to be an ugly fire season looming. It is no wonder that a sensitive-natured person suchs yourself would find that these concerns intrude on your dreams. I hope this one does not keep coming back.

    • I think it will come back every time I ride through that area in the future. I am heartbroken over the Wallow fire, all the beauty and the people’s lives it has destroyed.

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