Summer rant


It might look inviting, but it's 115° out there and the sun will eat away your skin right before your eyes!

What is so great about summer? I mean, really. I don’t get it. Aside from the time off, which is wonderful, I hate summer, especially in Phoenix.

I hate being hot, I hate the sun roaring down all the time, I hate how the days are light way too long. I hate the glare of the sun being directly overhead, making everything blinding and featureless. I hate wearing shorts and “non-clothes” (I hate summer clothes and swimsuits) and I hate burning my butt on my car seat if I have to park in the sun. It’s impossible to take enough clothes off to be cool, where in winter it’s possible to put on enough layers to be warm. I don’t even use the pool in the backyard, it’s just a big stupid hole into which we pour money for chlorine and various other things to keep it from turning into a “cement pond.”

I hate air conditioning, too. It’s too cold, usually, and the contrast between being cold inside and super hot outside is ridiculous. It makes people sick, literally, and public places still haven’t figured out that it would be cheaper to keep the temperature inside at a reasonable number and not like a meat locker! We use a “swamp cooler” which is a kinder, gentler version of a cooling process that involves blowing air over moist pads. You can see how it works well in the Phoenix area (low humidity), but wouldn’t in a place that is humid.

It hardly ever rains here in summer unless it’s a “monsoon” thunderstorm, and those are usually over in 15 minutes. I love rain and clouds, I should probably live in Seattle. I certainly don’t mind riding my motorcycle in the rain; in fact, I go out especially if it is raining, and I’ve ridden in snow as well.

I like it when it’s cold outside and cozy and warm inside, dark early, and cold in the house at night so I can sleep well. I love sitting in a warm coffee shop working on my laptop with a nice cup of coffee at hand, the rain pouring down outside, streaking down the windows and making the whole world appear watery. I live for the days when it’s gloomy and rainy outside so I can curl up with a book and read, or play my violin for hours on end without feeling guilty that I should be outside accomplishing something!


One thought on “Summer rant

  1. I grew up in the humidity of North Texas. I have never lived in a cold, freezing place. So, knowing that I never shovel sunlight off my car, the roads in town rarely close due to heat, and I never run out of hot water during the summer, I’ll stay with the AZ sun. (Well, sure, I like the AZ Suns, too). This is the time of year we pay of pleasant Winters, while the northern states pay for their Springs and Summers with record cold winters.

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