Broken hearts are for …

Well, I won’t finish the sentence, but if you know the song, you know what the next word is.

Anyway, today’s topic was “Describe the first person who broke your heart. And if you could take revenge on them now, would you? Did you ever think about it? What would you say to them now if you met them on the street?”

I can’t think of any personal experience right now, but I was thinking wouldn’t it be interesting if someone read someone else’s post and knew they were describing him or her? Like, they would be the person who broke the writer’s heart, and maybe the writer was writing about some kind of revenge because the “heartbreaker” hurt them so much? Or, maybe the writer was writing about what he or she would say to the heartbreaker, and the heartbreaker felt so guilty, or was so touched, he or she reconnected with the writer? Maybe the two found out that they really had been meant for each other, and some silly misunderstanding was the only thing that broke them up, and they got back together and lived happily ever after?

Hmmmm. That would make a great story.


2 thoughts on “Broken hearts are for …

  1. AH, the trail of tears that I must have left behind…not. Anyway, it would be odd to see a writeup about someone and then realize it was you. That would be doubly worse if the tone of the article were negative. As for whatever may happen in the future, I won’t know until I am there and I’ll deal with it then.

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