Day 8, 260 to home

Good morning, little bird!

We took our sweet time getting going this morning, had a leisurely breakfast, and packed up slowly. I wanted to “go back up,” to go back to northern New Mexico and ride those roads we left behind so hastily yesterday. I have time right now to enjoy, so I figured I could convince my riding partner, Hal, that a couple more days wouldn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. No go. That was a disappointment. Life’s too short, in my opinion, and I sure wouldn’t pass up any opportunities to ride more. No one ever wishes they’d worked more in their life when it’s almost over. Tick tock, time’s a-wastin.

So, we got back on the 260 on our way home. I always love the 260 from Heber to Payson, and today was no exception even though I still had to fight the incessant wind. We rode onto the Rim Rd., 300 near Woods Canyon Lake, and stopped at the Military Sinkhole overlook. The wind was absolutely howling up there, so we only stayed a few minutes. I had plenty of layers on so I wasn’t too cold, and I figured I’d better enjoy the cool air then as it wouldn’t be like that in Phoenix.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. I enjoyed the familiar turns, took off a few layers south of Sunflower, then we ended our trip at Paradise Bakery, Hal’s favorite place. I got home about 2:30, 1200+ miles to the good on the bike, adding to all the wonderful times I’ve had with my F800ST.

So, what did I like best about this trip? Glenwood, all of it. For sure. Hiking the Catwalk, and getting to take photographs of something so beautiful. Also, riding NM 64 into Chama, and then NM 17 up to Cumbres Pass and beyond. I loved seeing the steam trains, too! Those things were definitely the highlights.

What did I not like? Riding I-40 in the horrible wind, and the ever-present smoke from the wildfire. The fire bothered me more because I know what it is doing to our once-beautiful forests and the problems it is causing all the people near the areas that are burning than how it affected me personally. Lastly, I did not like not being able to go back up and ride those wonderful roads that I discovered Thursday and Friday, NM 64, and NM 17. It only would have been a couple more days.

Overall, this week’s trip was wonderful, and the week went by too fast. I hope I can go back to New Mexico and Colorado soon and discover more wonderful roads on which to ride.


One thought on “Day 8, 260 to home

  1. It looks like my comment on your previous post actually referred somewhat to this one. This is the one where I tried to comment that is was all Hal’s fault. You are correct that life is short and we should enjoy what we can while we can. Anyway, Glenwood and the catwalk sound really cool. I’ll have to get up there sometime.

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