Day 4, leaving Glenwood

'Bye, sweet burros

Glenwood is a sweet place, a protected little valley of pleasant sun during the day, and cool rosemary scented air in the evening. The light fades slowly from the sky in the long twilight, and in the evening groups of deer bound over fences in the near-dark. At night, the quiet is a cathedral of peace, and overhead the stars are infinite; every one is visible in the depthless night sky. The solitude lets you center yourself, away from the worry of the world.

I love how by the time we left we were almost locals, we had talked with just about everybody in town, and almost everyone knew us. “What?” I asked myself as we rode into Alma Grill for the last time on this trip, “they didn’t all come out to say goodbye?” I was only half kidding. We will be back – soon. I hope someday to go there and never leave.

We left the sweet life behind in Glenwood this morning, bound for home for a brief overnight, with plans to get back on the road tomorrow, only this time with road bikes and other goals in mind. It was a weird way to compromise on this week-long trip that is actually a two-part trip, but that’s how it is sometimes. I would have been overjoyed to take the small dirt bikes to New Mexico and just stay in that little piece of heaven for the entire time, riding a different singletrack route each day.

One last look, and life goes on

So, I returned to earth. I started out the day feeling great on the F650GS, then later on as the heat built and the crosswind became an incessant force buffeting my helmet and giving me a headache, I grew tired and cross, impatient and weary of the whipping wind. I worried about the residents of Eagar and Springerville, soon to be evacuated because of the out-of-control Wallow fire.  I tried not to think of the beautiful forest being destroyed. The fire races, engorged and unchecked, consuming anything in its path.

I dragged home, where I unloaded, started laundry, stood in the shower for half an hour, and tried to get organized for departure tomorrow morning when we’ll be off on another adventure. Stay tuned. At least I will have internet service, I think.


One thought on “Day 4, leaving Glenwood

  1. Two trips in a row. Wow. That’s ambitious, but exciting.

    I certainly agree that this fire (and the others in our state, of course) are painful to watch as they destroy the land, buildings, even lives. I hope they can begin to slow their advances soon, for all our sakes.

    Looking forward to your next travelogue.

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