A bird in hand is worth one on the bike

Apparently, my little Red Hen wants to go with me on my trip!

Settling into the bike's side cases as I was trying to pack them!


She's even got the keys in this one!

Red was in the garage trying to get away from the rooster she’s been hanging with lately . He was enamored of her since the moment she arrived. I finally picked her up and put her on her “roost” at the front of the house, and Mr. Rooster gave up, at least for tonight.

Anyway, this is the perfect way to let those of you who faithfully read my blog know that I will be on the road and offline for a few days. I am going to a remote area and there is no internet or cell phone service. Which doesn’t mean I won’t be writing, but I will be unable to post until I return, probably Wednesday. Then I will be back on the road on the road bike, bound for another destination for a couple of days.

I promise interesting stories and photos when I return!



One thought on “A bird in hand is worth one on the bike

  1. Nooo. A day without azgsgirl is like a day without…, well, without a cup of Jo. Have a good trip and bring back a notebook full of ideas and a camera full of photos.

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