That's one beefy tire

Okay, I take back everything bad I said about my new tires, Continental TKC80s!

I have wanted to put them on my dual sport motorcycle, a 2006 BMW F650GS, for years, but never have until now. During my first couple of rides, I was unimpressed, to say the least. I was wondering if I’d made a huge mistake. Of course, I hadn’t had them in the dirt yet, so it was an unfair judgment. Hal and I planned to ride fire road 300 up on the Mogollon Rim so I could test the tires fairly then make up my mind if I wanted to keep them on my bike or not.

We went despite the dire weather forecast of winds in excess of 50 mph. Well, the forecast was correct, and all day we battled ferocious winds up on the edge of the Rim.

Near the beginning of the ride

The wind blew me all over the place, the 50 mph gusts hit me hard. At one point I almost ran into a jeep when the wind slammed into me like a wall. I leaned all my weight on the outside peg and pushed the bike over hard. That was the only way I avoided a collision!

The scenery was beautiful, though, no matter what.

Hal on the road below me

The Mogollon Rim is the southwestern escarpment of the Colorado Plateau, a fact I find very fascinating. The whole history of the Rim is interesting, it involves erosion, faulting, and wind-deposited sand that ultimately formed the uppermost sandstone strata. I love landforms!

The escarpment

I worked all day, controlling the bike as it skittered around in the gravel, blown by the roaring wind. It was a long day, and I was glad when we got back onto pavement at Woods Canyon Lake. I had fun, though, and got a good workout!

Jo and Jewel, the edge of the Rim in the background

When we came down from the Woods Canyon Lake turnoff, we went 11 miles and stopped at Creekside Restaurant in the Christopher Creek Loop. Hal had blueberry cobbler, and I had apple cobbler, both with ice cream. I felt like I earned that extravagance!


Creekside is the only restaurant I know of where you can watch your dessert slide south on the slanting table. Not only is the table slanting, but the whole porch is.

Why did that person have to park their big ugly van there!?

I couldn't resist shooting this rose in the garden of Creekside restaurant

I think it's funny that the foliage is almost the same color as my high-viz vest

On the way home on the Beeline Hwy., I stopped to get a few more shots as the sun faded from the sky. The tires worked well, I didn’t crash my bike, and I had a great ride. It was a great day!

Four Peaks at twilight

The sun simmered just below the horizon, painting the sky fluorescent orange


5 thoughts on “A windy ride on the Rim

  1. we had a windy day up in young, too. glad the tkc-80’s are working out for you. they really are more at home in the dirt.

      • yep. decided to take fr202 up instead of cherry creek road this time. saw a cool place called stone cabin. private property, but they still allow you to go through as long as you respect the gates. then took a cut across road, fr54 i think. that linked up with cherry creek road not too far outside of young.

  2. I’m glad you didn’t “blow” you opportunity for a fun ride. Sounds like your new tires made riding a “breeze.” I’ll bet you were “wind”ed after the ride. Sure, you deserved an extravagant dessert.

    In the photos, I can see that the coffee level is slanted inside Hal’s mug. In fact, even Hal looks slanted. Oh wait. He always looks like that.

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