Tattoo me (not)

If you got a tattoo, what would it be?

Nothing. I can’t stand tattoos, except for the ones on my husband, and he got them before I met him.

Personally, I wouldn’t get one for any reason. On a woman, tattoos, no matter how small or supposedly “tasteful,” they look just plain low class. People seem to get them when they are young, and then later in life they realize how bad they look on sagging skin, and what kind of image they project. Then, they regret getting the tattoo and either have to live with it, or spend more money to get it removed.

This is one of those “emperor’s new clothes” things. Everyone outwardly pretends tattoos are trendy and cool, when in reality most people think they just look bad, or stupid.

P.S. Reality check: tattoos are not “art”!!


4 thoughts on “Tattoo me (not)

  1. See, that is why I got a tat of a horizontal oval with a frown years ago. Now, it has sagged into a circle with a smile. Whoo hoo. A smiley face that built itself over 40 years.

  2. Thank you! That’s pretty much my attitude, even though a couple of times I’ve idly considered a Yamaha or Honda tat to match the Harley guys… but then I think “why would I want to match something a Harley guy does?” and I come to my senses.

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