“If you started a music band, what would the name be?” That is the question of the day.

My choice is “Moist Towelette.” I thought of that a long time ago. I only admitted it once in public, and then I got some strange looks.

The reason? I don’t know, I just think it has the right rhythm for the name of a band, and it sounds cool. It sounds like you’d have to listen to the music to figure out what kind of band they are, which is the point of naming a band something intriguing.


One thought on “Name-a-band

  1. My son was in a band called “The Rest” in high school. Or was it “The Best?” I cannot remember exactly. They mostly sang Nirvana covers.

    I was in a group called “Rasberry Jam” in college. Our lead guitarist was John Rasberry. So clever, right?

    I don’t really have any ideas for a new band name. Your idea is not bad, though.

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