Saturday at the Road Runner rally

Today, Saturday, I woke up early after a very cold night, snuggled into my sleeping bag inside the thin walls of the tent. I had been mostly warm all night, but had a few moments of cold. Once the rain stopped last night, the sky cleared and it got down into the 30s F.

Once the sun came up and cleared the trees surrounding the tent, I could feel its warmth. The temperature inside my tent warmed, and I dressed and got up. The anticipated  breakfast at the camp was disappointing, as they were charging $8 for it. Since I didn’t have too much cash on me, I was wondering what to do. Suddenly, Don, one of our friends showed up and, after hearing of our dilemma, he said, “hey, I have apple turnovers back at my truck. You’re welcome to them if you’d like.”

“Sure!” we said, and after grabbing some coffee, we joined him for an impromptu breakfast out in the warming sunlight.

As we ate and talked, other people joined us, and it soon became a spontaneous discussion about dirt bikes, dirt tires, and places to ride in the dirt. In essence, dirt! Or, maybe that’s “the essence of dirt.”

Presently, we wandered off to do our shift at the registration booth. It seemed to be prime time for arrivals, and we met and talked to many people as they came in. By noon, we were relieved by the next shift, and went to find some lunch in the form of a beef brisket sandwich. Hal and I split the sandwich as it was too big for either of us to eat the whole thing. Then we sat and relaxed in the sun.

A beautiful day at the rally site

At 2 p.m., I got to do my multi-media presentation. It was about my year of riding in 2010, and many people enjoyed it. Here are a couple of people who were watching it, but it really wasn’t a blank screen!

After my presentation, we walked around the rally, and I met Ardys Kellerman! She is one of my heroines in the riding world. She is 70-plus years old, a grandmother from Texas, and she has ridden her BMW many many miles. I believe she has reached the million mile mark. As you might imagine, Ardys is a legend in the BMW riders’ community, and I am so glad I finally got to meet her!

Me and Ardys Kellerman

I liked how her bike is a slightly newer version of one of my bikes, it’s even the same color. I hope I am still riding my bikes when I am Ardys’ age. I admire her very much.

I also wanted to talk to this gentleman, but I didn’t get a chance to. He travels with his dog, Spirit, which piqued my interest right away.

Hal and I saw him while we were two-up on a bike during the demo ride. This man rides a very interesting bike with sidecar:

Spirit, his dog, rides in the sidecar, and wears doggie goggles. This bike looks like it has seen many adventurous miles!

Soon, it was time for dinner, and we sat down with friends and fellow riders to eat a delicious meal of fajitas. Then there were the awards for the Rider’s Cup Challenge, and the door prizes. I won a book called “BMW Racing Motorcycles,” a beautiful book, and I think it is one of the best things I’ve ever won. It tells about the history of BMW motorcycles, among other things.

After  dinner and a little while of sitting and relaxing, I realized I was fading fast. I was sitting at the table, my eyes at half-mast, feeling  like a zombie. I was freezing, as I had been all day, and wanted to get into my warm sleeping bag and tent. I turned in early, the music from the band pleasantly carrying me off to sleep to dreamland.

It was hard to imagine that the rally was already nearly over, but that’s how these pleasant times are. They are over way too quickly!


One thought on “Saturday at the Road Runner rally

  1. Those photos with a dog sitting in a sidecar with goggles are always hilarious. That’s cool that you met someone who actually does that.

    It looks like Ardys must be tough. Her bike doesn’t even have a seat. “No. Who needs a seat. I just sit directly on the engine. I used to have square wheels so that the bike wouldn’t roll at stoplights, but I gave that up when I found out it wouldn’t roll anywhere.”

    Nice weekend narrative. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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