First job

My first job interview was technically not much of an interview. I sort of fell into a job working at  a horse farm in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I “got” to muck stalls and clean up, and learn to “train” a horse my parents had bought from the professional trainer. I was about 15 or 16 at the time and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. I earned $1 an hour.

It turned out later, though, that I knew just about as much as the trainer did, due to my own common sense and logic. I had already done a pretty decent job with a “green-broke” gelding that my parents had previously bought me. He won a lot in the show ring because I worked very hard with him and finished his training myself.

Later, I thought it had been a big waste of money to keep that second horse, a filly, at the horse farm, but, on the positive side, the experience I had there was invaluable.


2 thoughts on “First job

  1. Sure, I remember my first job. I was a busboy at a steak house on Greenville Ave in Dallas. My two best buddies from church also worked there and we all rode our motorcycles to work together back when the LBJ Freeway was new. Looking back, life was so simple then.

    My first interview was with Texas Instruments in Lubbock, TX. I decided to start working and never finished my Masters, which I had started at Texas Tech.

  2. Heh. My first “interview” was at a local computer user’s group. One older guy kind of grilled me on my knowledge and my problem solving & coding skills. Of course, I was a kid and glad to show off. At the end of it, he said “do you want a job?”

    I’ve only done the actual interview once, when I got laid off and applied at a local expressway as a toll taker, and the basic requirement was to not be a wanted felon. Amusingly enough, my job was replaced by a computer system.

    Ever since then, it’s been “this job has started to suck by being all day meetings… you folks need a coder?”

    People don’t understand that I hate being management – “why are you leaving for a [sneer]development[/sneer] job?” – uh, possibly because I love coding?

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