Have you ever kept a journal? How did the practice impact your other writing? What other reasons do you think journaling is a good practice for writers?

I have kept a journal since about the time I was in 6th grade. I’ve written silly stories, written about fantasies, trips I took or wanted to take, I’ve vented, complained, wrote about my views on politics and religion, and lamented the loss of common sense and logic. Lately an underlying theme has been my disappointment with the world, specifically how corrupt, indecent, dishonest, and greedy some people are. On the positive side, I’ve been writing much more poetry the last few years, and of course, writing about my motorcycle trips. Having a story in mind is yet another reason to have an adventure, as if I needed any more motivation to be on one of my motorbikes!

Journaling has improved my writing, because like everything else, the more you practice a specific skill, the more it improves. It seems the more I write, the more ideas I have, and the more ideas I have, the more I write! This has benefited me immeasurably as a writer.

A journal is a great outlet for all the practice writing. Not everything I write is a gem, but yes, you can find some good things amid all the junk. Sometimes skimming through all the writing, words that seemed to mean almost nothing at the time, helps me find poignance and meaning in something that previously felt mediocre.

That’s one of the many things that make it all worthwhile.

I found inspiration for this article here:

Thanks, Jamie.


3 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. Hmm, journaling. I suppose you could say that my daily family blog is a version of that, and I have been writing in it since I was laid off in 2005. No, I wasn’t in sixth grade then, so you definitely have me beat there. My blog also includes a daily cartoon, and that has been fun. I originally started it simply because I came across a template on the web and thought I could do some comic strips for a few days. Today marks my five-hundredth one. Unfortunately, only 17 are funny. Oh well, I had fun with them. On to the next five hundred.

    I only have a few blogs that I follow, and yours is one of them. Keep it up.

    • Wow! That is cool about your 500th cartoon! It’s great to reach a personal milestone, and that is an awesome one. Besides, I’ll bet more than 17 are funny!

      Thanks for the kind words and faithfully following my blog. I intend to keep going for a long time!

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