What’s in a name?


I know I am supposed to write about what my name means, but I found different meanings, so it’s ambiguous. I don’t even care what it means, to be honest. It’s a stupid name.

I have always hated my name. It’s uncommon, but not in a good way, it’s clunky and ugly. You know how in stores like souvenir shops, and even Wal-Mart, they have stuff with kids’ names on them? When I was growing up, they NEVER had my dumb name. They always had my sister’s name, though, that was for sure. Guess what? They still don’t have my name because, as I said, it’s ugly and dumb. Who would want it? It’s absolutely never been popular as a baby name.

Above all else, it doesn’t suit me at all. I should have a name like “Marlys,” or “Natalie,” or “Sabrina,” or something else out of the ordinary, but in a good way. Currently, I like “Camryn,” or “Melinda,” or “Sabra.”

I’ve never had the time or energy to change my name. Every time I’ve wanted to do it, someone guilt-trips me into not doing it, like there’s something wrong with changing it. I think it’s much worse to have resented it all these years and hated it like some horrible, misshapen growth attached to me.

Well, too late now. I’ll have to settle for a shortened version of the name I’ve loathed for so long. At least it makes it so it’s spoken so briefly I hardly hear it anymore. I think I like azgsgirl better, which is why I called this blog what I did.


4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. So few of us like our names. Sort of sad, but maybe those who like their names aren’t posting. It does take energy to change your name or at least to a preferred version. Some people never get it. What is more important is what you feel about you. Although a name you like would definitely be better.

    I never found my name of one of those tags either. At least the name I was called as a child. Katherine is out there, but I am too old to care.

    I am not phonetically talented. How do you pronounce azgsgirl? Azzz a girl is what I come up with.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh please. At least it is not Moon Unit or Apple or Rumer. A name is nothing more than a way for me to picture a person, and yours seems to fit you. How did your folks choose it? Did their names start with the same letter? My first name was something they had heard and liked, but my middle name (which I never liked) was the same as my Dad’s middle name. And we named our kids by just looking through name books until something clicked.

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