Today’s post topic: What occupation did you want as a child? Given what you know now as an adult (or more of one than you were), would it have been a good choice for you? 

That is easy for me, and you will know why if you’ve been following my blog. The occupation is “writer,” and all these years later, I am still trying to break into the world of professional writing. I think what held me back when I was younger is the “work ethic” instilled in me by my parents. To them, something as tenuous and esoteric as writing was not a “real” job. People who have the mindset they have never believe in anything that relies on creativity or “being artistic,” nor do they think of those jobs as “real” jobs.

As far as it being a “good choice,” I don’t know what could be a better fit for me. I have been a “writer” all my life, have written almost daily since I was very young. I have so many ideas. I have to write them down, at least in a journal, or I feel like my head is going to explode.

So, having adjusted my own mindset, I am going for it. It’s time I made my own dreams come true, not the expectations of others.


2 thoughts on “Occupation

  1. I always wanted to be part of a gospel quartet, traveling around and singing with nice tight harmonies. Even now, I love to hear that type of sound (I love the sound of the all-male group in Glee). However, I sing OK, but not a professional voice, so it would never have worked out. Plus, I am not sure I could have supported my family on it. Luckily, I like what I am doing right now. Still, what might have been….

  2. I wanted BADLY to be an astronaut (I was born four years and a day before the Apollo 11 launch) but my mom was a programmer in the ’60s and somehow I knew I’d end up being that too, because I’m really good at it. It was strange going through high school knowing what your plans were. At least it pays really really well.

    Now my bikes are a break from 8-15 hours sitting at a desk, when you need something physical to do, like repairing a transmission or changing a tire.

    I do have to admit to “getting ahold of” the dealer diags unit for my SV-650… it was $800, but seeing the Windows dialog of “New hardware detected: Suzuki SV-650 – Installing drivers” was a priceless moment of geekdom.

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