A different kind of road trip

Glen Canyon Dam

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. Monday through Wednesday I was engaged in the last minute preparations for a school field trip, which involved taking about 100 sixth grade students to Lake Powell. It’s an exciting trip for the students, and it gives many of them an opportunity they’ll never have again. In addition, it enhances what we have been learning in science about landforms. What better place to take them than the most spectacular landform in the world, and one that is only six hours away, right in our own state – the Grand Canyon! The preparations are year long, but reach a fever pitch the last three days before departure.

I usually dread it until we get going, but this year at the height of the last minute readying, I realized that I was looking forward to it. I also realized that the reason was because I just wanted to get on the road, I didn’t care that I was going to be in a tour bus, the vehicle wasn’t important, I wanted to be on the road.

So, we left Thursday morning at 6, and once I was on the road, knowing the preparations were over, I was tired. It’s always my most “tired” day, and I could barely think. Friday, I slept too long at the resort, got up later than I wanted to, but was ready to go once I got up. The kids got ready quickly, and we took them on the highlight of the trip, the smooth-water rafting from the base of Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry.

Rafts at the base of Glen Canyon Dam

The kids saw amazing scenery, art made by the natural forces of wind and water. It got a little cold near the end of the rafting trip because the kids got wet at a little beach along the way, and the wind kicked up, but as soon as they were off the rafts they were able to change into warm, dry clothing. All too soon, we were back on the buses headed for home.

Antelope Canyon wind erosion

I was aware, as I usually am, of how much I long to be constantly on the road. If I had my choice, I would almost never go home. I am not sure why I am this way, but I really would be happy with coming home only occasionally, and being able to be out and constantly exploring and experiencing places all over the world. I am doing everything I can to make that happen, and I hope I am able to experience life more fully from the seat of my motorcycle very soon.


2 thoughts on “A different kind of road trip

  1. Sounds like a fun trip. I really like the photo of the red rocks. Have you ever been into one of the slot canyons there at Antelope Canyon? I have not, but always marvel at the photographs.

    • No, I haven’t! But, like you, I would like to go there with a camera or two or three! That whole area of the Grand Escalante, southern Utah, Glen Canyon, and the Grand Canyon, is a fascinating area, so beautiful and intriguing. A person could spend years there and never see the same thing twice.

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