Worst driver

Today’s blog topic: Describe the worst driver you know.

This person goes too slow most of the time, and is one of those people that always has to “drive” the car, in other words, twist the wheel constantly. On long trips, that is literally sickening to the people trapped in the back seat because twisting the wheel makes the back end of the car move around in a “fishtail” motion. It also causes unnecessary wear on the tires. I also hate when this person gets into a newer car and it takes off like a rocket, then the next thing you know the brakes are on, hard, to slow it down where it should be. It also wastes gas.

The “slowness” bothers me, too, because what happens is all the other drivers on the road get pissed off at getting stuck behind this driver. Yet, who do you think criticizes others for not going fast enough? Yep.

I like to drive, and do it most in our family, which is good. My cars last forever, too, because I don’t abuse them. Most of the miles I travel, though, are on my motorcycles, which are a lot cheaper and more fun than a car any day.


One thought on “Worst driver

  1. Stop driving behind me, then. Sure, I might reach the speed limit faster than you, but that should leave you plenty of room for your speed. Sure, I may not apply the brakes at the same time you would, but I still stop at the light in time. Sure, I fuss at slow drivers, too. I might even occasionally exceed the posted limit to pass the slow driver. Don’t hate me for it. Thank me for giving brake shops more business, and laugh when I fill up more often than you, and smile when you see I am stuck in a car while you have the freedom of your bike. Oh, I’ve got to go. Someone is trying to pass me, so I need to speed up.

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