Today’s blog topic: Where do you find acceptance? For your ideas? For the secret notions you have for who you really want to be? Or think you are? Who are the friends, family or co-workers who are most accepting of your true self?

The place I find acceptance, peace, and where I can be myself, is the road. When I am out on a motorcycle trip, I think as I ride, I don’t listen to music or any noise, nor do I talk to anyone. I do a lot of thinking out there, I formulate stories, inventions, and other ideas begin to grow and take shape.

"On the road" – a state of mind as much as a state of being

When the riding day is done, my riding partner listens respectfully and non-judgmentally to whatever I have to say. I can be myself, I can say what I want without having to think about how my words are going to be received. I can talk with him about any silly dreams and ideas I might have.

It is no wonder I look forward to my vacations when I can truly relax.


One thought on “Acceptance

  1. I think I am pretty much my true self with everyone. I will tone it down when I am meeting with company managers, but with my team, and family, and friends, I am a kind of crazy dude who enjoys life. Even when commenting on someone’s blog whom I have never met, I don’t really censor myself.

    I was tempted to say I don’t need to find acceptance since I accept myself. However, if I dig deep within, I know that is not true. It might be better to say I don’t constantly seek acceptance, but I am hurt when I receive rejection or personal criticism. When that occurs, I may retreat from the one who rejected me or whatever I offered and console myself by remembering those that accept me.

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