Three goals for the blog

My first goal for the blog is to share the joy of motorcycle riding, street, dual sport, or dirt, with those who ride, or those who want to ride, and especially with those who ride vicariously through my blog! I love to write about my adventures, because something fun and exciting happens, and I learn something, on every single trip I take, whether it’s a couple of weeks long, or if it’s a day trip.

Second, I hope to entertain those who visit my blog, and I hope I can continue to attract readers.

Third, the blog serves as an on-line portfolio of my writing, and my photography. I love doing those things as well as riding my motorcycles, and I hope I can someday earn a living from doing what I love.

I hope you will enjoy my adventures, thoughts, and images!


One thought on “Three goals for the blog

  1. Goals for the blog. I suppose, even if we do not consciously recognize them, each of us must have a goal for the work we perform or tasks we undertake. Yeah, that makes sense. I guess I hope to make people smile, to share my photos and daily cartoon, and to give family a glimpse into the lives of those of us here in the Valley.

    You seem to be doing exactly what you hope in your blog. I ride along with you, am entertained, and enjoy the photography. Let’s keep going. You may occasionally stop and stretch, if needed, but get back on the road as soon as you can.

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