April vs. October

What is similar between the two months of April and October? The sun is in a similar position, at least it feels that way. Technically, though, the sun in October is more slanted, and in April, closer to its zenith, yet the weather is always hotter in October than it is in April. There are many times when it is nearly 100° (still!) at Halloween. In April, the weather is much gentler, there are many days of near-perfect temperatures, in the 80°F range. But it can just as easily turn cold and rainy, with snow in the high country. During this April I rode my motorcycle in uncomfortable upper 90° heat one weekend, the next weekend I was back in my heavy coat, my heated jacket liner plugged in, and my heated grips turned on. A winter storm had blown through and the temperature got as low as 49°, easily half what it had been the week before. April is a pleasant month, all green, pink, white, and mild, but I love October more.

A collection of fall leaves

October is orange, gold, and black, pumpkins grinning wildly, splendid with the prospect of five to six months of lovely cool pleasant weather lying ahead. It is relief from the weight of summer, it is golden light instead of white-hot glare. It is clean crisp air, it is leaves changing up north, and trips through glorious golden forests. It is being able to finally wear normal clothing again and not be sweating constantly.

I start to rejoice in September, which is the gateway to the best four months of the year, September through December. When September 1 comes, I am so glad and relieved to leave the hot stinky-ness of ugly August behind at last.

October is one of my favorite four months, and fall is my favorite season.


One thought on “April vs. October

  1. I don’t know that I would classify October as my favorite month, but I do love the changing of the colors. One year, when I was based in Providence, my wife and my parents flew up and we took a two week trip through the Northeast. We were so lucky that we caught the bright colors that year. Timing is, of course, hit and miss on that. Anyway, even here in AZ, I like to see the colors change and maybe some nice shots of the golden Aspens in the high country. I imagine it is even more fun when you are traveling in open air on your motorcycle.

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