Ride to Kearny, AZ

“Been somewhere interesting?” That’s what the description of “Ride Reports” on AZ Beemers reads. So, I wasn’t going to post a ride report describing today’s ride; after all, how many millions of times have I ridden to Kearny for breakfast? Let’s see … starting with that first time when I rode with the Rim Riders, didn’t know what the heck I was doing, went 80+ the whole way on my Ducati Monster, and froze my fingers … that makes about 5. Million, that is. But, today turned out to be particularly fun. I saw people I hadn’t for a while, and some beautiful mountain scenes, courtesy of yesterday’s snowstorm, and rode the road bike for a change.
In contrast to last weekend’s ride to Overland Expo (very hot), today’s ride was cold. I was cold before we even started, and ended up being “plugged in,” turned on, and tuned out, if you know what I mean. First I saw the breathtaking beauty of the Superstitions, dusted with snow at the very top. The ride from Superior to Kearny was curvaceously fun. Just outside of Superior, it looks like they are re-aligning one of the turns, which is probably good since people have been killed on it.
It was so good to be on the road bike, it feels like a rocket when compared to the GS, and I wished to go even faster. Hal was up front, keeping me under control. Just outside Kearny, I saw a dead javelina, literally in the middle of the road. It was hard to miss seeing it as there were several winged scavengers at work on the carcass. Hal had to duck to avoid being hit by one that took off at the last moment as he approached.
When we walked into the West End Café, we were the only ones there, and it stayed that way for about 20 minutes after we ordered breakfast. Then, a bunch of bikers walked in! They were some fellow AZ Beemers members, Brad, Pat, Steve, Sam, and another gentleman that I don’t think I’ve met before. We ended up sitting and talking for at least an hour.

AZ Beemers riders

We finally parted company, and Hal and I rode toward Globe through the canyon. We thought we’d see snow, but we didn’t. It was cold, it was 49° as we went over the top, about half the temperature of last week’s ride. We fueled up in Globe, then rode the 60 through Superior. After that, since I wanted to ride more, I got Hal to exit with me at Florence Junction. We rode to Florence, on the way we passed the turn-off to “Country Blunder,” as I call it, which this year was somewhere down Price Rd., and then we continued through town.

Tom Mix Memorial

We rode all the way to the Tom Mix Memorial where I took some photos. In the distance, I saw the snow-covered Catalina Mountains.

Catalina Mountains – a pastel, slightly blurred watercolor in the distance

A quick ride back to town, then coffee to top off the day, and then the ride was over, too soon as usual.


2 thoughts on “Ride to Kearny, AZ

  1. I had to look up the Tom Mix Memorial. It seems he was speeding through the area on his way to Florence when he was killed. I hope you were careful, even though a motorcycle would give you additional maneuverability. It sounds like a nice ride, though. I also saw that he rode in Teddy Roosevelt’s inaugural parade. His image is also one of them on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band.

    I really like the shot of the statue of his horse, Tony, with the sun behind it. Very nice.

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