Rainy day

Thickening clouds, black, tinged by sunset

I heard the sound of rain, the lovely pattering of a steady cold rain in the dead of night. I snuggled into my bed and wished I could make this moment last forever. It was all the more wonderful because of the realization that it was Saturday and I wouldn’t have to get up until I felt like it. There is almost nothing in the world better than that feeling.

When I awoke later to daylight, I could tell from the muted light seeping under the curtains that it was still overcast, and when I got up to look, it was still raining! I crawled back into bed to enjoy it some more. How could I be so lucky?

When I finally got up, it was to more rain, and I planned my day. In and out of rain, I did my things. The highlight of the day was attending the Honor Band and Orchestra concert that a few of my school kids were in. It was fabulous playing, and the concert was standing room only.

When I finally got home, I sat down and did nothing, a rare occurrence. I sat in front of the tv and watched a movie, drank some warm tea, and didn’t move for a couple of hours.

All day, I was happy. I watched the rain, the clouds, the changing sky. I felt the cool air and the moisture in it. I wished that the weather could always be like this so I could feel the calm that goes with it, instead of the unending pressure and stress that the heat, the glare, the sun always bring, not to mention the knowledge that when it starts, which will be soon, it will not be over until November.

Why do I stay here in this hot horrid town? I love rain, not sun and heat. I am 20 years overdue to leave, and that is a shame. It’s a long time to be uncomfortable.



One thought on “Rainy day

  1. I was reminded of the lyrics to Eddie Rabbitt’s “I Love A Rainy Night.” For me, though, after living here so long, that sound means crazy drivers on the road, and a dog who does not want to go out and do his business. Pretty sad that a beautiful and beneficial event such as the uncommon rain in the desert immediately makes me have negative thoughts, huh? True, it is better on a Saturday when the pressures of the daily commute aren’t weighing on me. Thanks for making me pause and examine my own negative preconceptions.

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