Standardized testing

“Pick something that annoys you and redesign it.”

That’s a loaded question, particularly since the thing that annoys me most is how education is overseen and run in this state (Arizona). The short answer is that teachers, not politicians, should be in charge of all aspects of education, state and national, and that would ensure that there are no problems, or at least minimal problems. The students should come first but they don’t. In reality, most programs are put in place to further someone’s political career.

The thing I would like to fix first is the stupid “standardized testing.” The questions on the pre-test preparation materials are misleading, ambiguous, and subjective. There are many questions designed to trick the young students. If these “sample” questions are any indication of what is actually on the test, I do not think that is right.

I also object to the amount of time that is spent “preparing for” the test. It is teaching to the test no matter what anyone says. I wish parents would stand up to politicians and object to this because teachers cannot out of fear of losing their jobs or being labeled as “whiners” by state government.

No wonder it is difficult to teach that “character counts” when kids see by adult example that it does not.


One thought on “Standardized testing

  1. My wife teaches first grade. My daughter teaches fourth. A niece teaches third. I do recognize that, by measuring teachers against these standardized scores, some certainly ‘teach to the test’. Who wouldn’t? And I would support having true teachers in charge of all aspects of the educational environment. I can understand and empathize with stories I hear when these teachers in my family get together. However, I don’t really know what the classroom is like because I am not a teacher. And politicians would be in a similar situation. It is not a business. It is people. It is learning challenges. It is behavioral issues. We should give teachers the freedom to teach. And we should pay them a decent living wage so the true teachers can afford to do what they love.

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