Halloween Ride


Today, Halloween Day, in an effort to at least partially redeem myself and get some fall color footage, Hal and I planned a trip to Flagstaff via Payson and Lake Mary Rd. on our road bikes.

It’s always cool to look at planes!

Our first stop was Payson Airport for breakfast. All the wait staff were dressed up in Halloween costumes, adding to the festivity of the day. We sat for a while, drinking coffee, working on a couple of projects, talking. Finally, it was time to move on, and we got on the bikes to continue with the rest of our day.

We rode through Pine and Strawberry, enjoying the curves and the golden sun. When we got to a pretty spot with lots of colorful leaves, I pulled over and we attached the GoPro camera to my helmet.

On Lake Mary Road

I pulled over to take this photo because the water was absolutely glittering in the sun. It was so beautiful!

I think I got some good video of some colorful leaves! I also saw a really weird-looking tree, it looked kind of unnatural to me. When I looked more closely, I realized it was unnatural: I was looking at one of those goofy cell towers made to look like the surrounding trees. I could just imagine the real trees having this conversation: “Oh, look at George (the fake tree), Fred.” Fred (a real tree): “OMG! He is such a poser!!”

In Flagstaff, we fueled up and I changed the memory card in the camera. Then, we headed down 89A toward Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona. There were some beautiful leaves there as well, and the ride would have been perfect except for the ever-present slow car traffic to spoil everything. I don’t know if it’s possible to ever fully enjoy this road because of the cagers. Too many rats in the box, as Hal always says.

Proof for the contest that I was in Sedona today!

(That HD in the photo above is someone else’s!! Obviously!!)

Finally, we reached Sedona, got a perfect parking space in front of the fudge company where we always get fudge and coffee. We did just that, then sat on a bench in front of the bikes, looking at the street. While there, we watched people and laughed our heads off.

First, there was the “cowboy,” or shall I say the escapee from the “Not OK” Corral, who held up traffic while he walked across the street with his spurs clanking loudly. I am still trying to figure out if he was wearing that getup for Halloween, or if he really thought he was it.

Next, a woman in a van came barreling into a parking spot right in front of us and stopped so close to the vehicle next to her that she couldn’t even get out of the vehicle. So, she backed out and tried it again, pulling forward until she solidly hit the concrete bar at the front of the parking spot. I am convinced this is how some people drive: pull forward until they hit something, then back up until they hit something else. Then pull forward again and hope they miss the first thing.

Then there was the guy driving one of those little shuttle carts around, the only passenger a woman who was talking nonstop. We figured he was going to pay her to get out and leave him in peace.

There were lots of entertaining Halloween costumes, like the couple in the convertible Porsche. He was dressed up in a skeleton mask, and she was wearing a full witch costume. I thought that was pretty cool because all they were doing was cruising up and down and having fun. Lots of little kids were walking around in sparkly costumes (the little girls) or monster or superhero costumes (the little boys). Some teenagers were dressed up as well, but they weren’t nearly as cute.

Soon it became the time we hate most of all: the lateness of the afternoon told us that it was time to go home. Coming in off the road is always difficult, but then, when I got on my bike and tried to start it, I heard the dreaded click-click-click of a nearly-dead battery again! I was so surprised and frustrated. Guess that’s what I get for laughing all day and having a good time. Fortunately, we were able to bump-start Pearl again, this time after only three tries, and we got on the road. Other than that slight problem, my bike felt absolutely great to me again today. We’ll get this problem figured out, whatever it is.

I rolled into the neighborhood, saw a few trick or treaters out already, and got home in time to help pass out candy! It was a great day!

Happy Halloween!

Scary-looking tree I saw long ago, on a different ride. I thought it fit great here, though!


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