Taos, Finish

The best and worst of this trip


Best ride: NM 64, between Tierra Amarilla and Taos. Also, NM 518 from Taos to Mora.

Best junk food: Plain milk chocolate fudge from gift shop at the ski resort.

Shining moment: Being right on time to watch the 480 leave Durango, CO for Silverton.

Best breakfast: Eggs, cheese, and spinach scramble with potatoes and sausages from City Market in Durango.

Best dinner: Steak dinner at a nice restaurant in Taos. The steak was done to perfection.

Best coffee: Single packets of Mount Hagen regular coffee, brought from home. Chevron coffee is surprisingly good as well. Most restaurant coffee sucks.

Best rally moments: Sitting on the bridge over the silvery creek that runs through the ski resort. Seeing people I don’t get to see except for a few times of the year at the rallies, like Jim and Judy from CO, Al S., Steve from Durango.

Best free thing: High-viz yellow long sleeve t-shirt shirt that a guy at the Albuquerque BMW dealer’s booth gave me just because I said I thought it was cool. (I’m kind of diggin on that color lately.)

Worst ride: I-40. As always.

Most hated signs: “Road work ahead,” “Loose gravel,” the leaping crazy deer sign, “Elk crossing.”

Coldest temperature: 47° on the Mogollon Rim.

Warmest temperature: 101° back in Phoenix.


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