Taos, Day 4

Me on my beloved street bike

Leaving Taos

Much to my regret, I packed up this morning and left Taos behind. The temperature was 59°, and I was totally plugged in! I love NM 68 south out of town as it follows the Rio Grande. There are plenty of turns and elevation changes to keep things fun, and the scenery is colored by the tans, browns, purples, and dark greens that are characteristic New Mexico. In the deeper canyons where the road runs through, the morning shadows still wait for the sun.

When we got to Espanola, everything changed. The terrain changes with the elevation and it is flat and uninteresting, except for the mountains in the distance. This is where we find the freeway, and soon we picked up I-25, and skirted Santa Fe. The rest of the day is usually spent flying along on the interstate at high speed, trying to stay out of the way of trucks and avoiding their crazy antics. I will never understand why they think they have to pass each other. They need to get in that right hand lane and stay there. It always ends up being a major roadblock when they try, and then when they speed up to complete the pass, the whole giant rig snakes and sways with the wind.

There is always a high wind on I-40, today was no exception, and soon my neck and shoulders felt the effects of the constant buffeting. When it gets to be too much, I usually lay on the tank, especially when I am trying to get around the trucks. Their wakes make the buffeting even worse, and making myself aerodynamic with the bike seems to help.

Wind farm near Holbrook. (There’s always something interesting to be seen out on the road!)

Unfortunately, not too much to report today. Just ride, ride, ride, and hate that the trip is coming to an end. I’m already thinking of ideas for the next road trip; maybe a “color tour” in the cool country, try to time it so the changing leaves are in their full glory when we ride through.

Tomorrow, home. Tuesday, back to work – a frightening thought!


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